Hello my name is Raquel dos santos,

I  am the writer and editor of The Tiny Rules as well as the mother of a tiny person that rules, Ayla . I often call her my tiny ruler as she is very determined and knows exacly what she wants. Ayla is a toddler that exudes girl power with a ruler attitude and she is not afraid to show it.

Confidence and self-esteem are two key qualities that i nourish in Ayla, to pave the beginning of a life of success.

Having a background of Psychology helped me understand as a mother how child psychology  is crucial. As your child grows, their unique personality will develop as a parent is our job to guide, build strong bonds and know their abilities.

The Tiny Rules was created for mothers that want to raise strong passionate tiny humans to rule their world. The idea to create a place to inspire relate and discover one thing or two.

Through Fashion we found a way to connect and have fun together. Being a Stylist adviser on my free time allowed me to explore my creativity to develop my Fashion sense. 

There is no specific way to be Fashionable and no Rules to abide, Just be Yourself.

I encourage you escape your ordinary and create a beautiful life, just look around you.

I will sharing with you our Mother Daughter unconditional love a few Fashion ideas , the brands we love and last but not least our tiny adventures.

I hope our Blog inspires you to Just be Yourself!

xo, xo, Raquel & Ayla