Travel in style!

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How do you select an outfit comfortable enough to travel in style?

I do love to choose options that i can feel free to move, no one enjoys to be sitting in a tight dress not being able to breath. We are travelling to London, an hour flight from Düsseldorf  i decide to wear a stylish athletic top that offers plenty of breathing room. This option have endless ways to pair and be creative, you can choose to have jeans instead and a knit pullover.

When is cold where you are coming from and where you are headed, add a long coat to throw over on your lightweight layers. Once you board on the plane you will be the perfect temperature.



travel style.jpg

Raquel is wearing

Coat  H&M  

Sweatshirt H&M


My Choice for Ayla 

Coat Prints for Children never get out of Fashion, Ayla is wearing a warm Leopard print Faux Fur Coat she loves how incredibly soft it is. Her knit sweater twin set, culottes with side bands is a stylish option if you love the Knit Trend.

Keep your child warm in style with this outfit options, if you like to twin with your child without over doing it, choose one item to do it so. We like to play around with shoes or bags to twin.

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mini travel.jpg

Ayla is wearing

Coat Scotch and Soda

Shoes Zara 

Knit Set Zara