Trick or Treat in London!

Trick or Treat in London

Is your kid too young or too old for trick or treating?

We started Trick or Treat with Ayla  when she was one year old, i waited a bit longer so this way she could actually walk by herself and ring the bells. Our first Halloween she had lots of fun, from that moment i said we do have to do it every year;). As long as you and your child are ready to go together and experience, i don't see any other reason why you shouldn't  start at an early age. We do love the Halloween season at Primrose Hill, we start at Chalcot Square and walk down to chalet road, Fitzroy Road and the surrounding neighbourhood streets. It is definitely a fun night out for kids and a social scene for parents.

If you do want to celebrate Halloween in London next year this will be the place to be, hopefully we see you next year there !

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Ayla and her bestie meet every year for Trick or Treat since they were one. The annual Halloween tradition bring two little girls together to a fun ritual and nothing can spoil the momentum.

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Let me tell you a story about her Superman costume, she beg me to be Superman this year.

Guess Why?

Mum- Ayla! Mummy got you the Superman costume!

Ayla-Yay thank you Mum! I wan to wear it now Mummy, please please.

Mum- Ok, let me help you.

A few minutes later Ayla is crying, with a confuse look on her face.

Mum- what happend Ayla, why are you crying?

Ayla- Mummy I lift my harm and I can't fly, look Mummy why I can not fly like Superman? ;( 

The reason I am telling you this story is that this particular moment will be on my memory forever. The fact that she believed in something so deeply as being able to fly with a Superman costume on and being disappoint with the outcome. How cute and innocence of her to believe, children have a pure mind and a pure heart that can touch your heart like she touch mine with this simple question.

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Bat the 2nd Outfit, very cosy and warm option for a cold weather city like London.

xoxo Thank you for stopping by,

Raquel and Ayla