Birthday shooting

Today is Ayla birthday she is turning 3, my little girl is growing fast.

For this post we partner we her Model agency Modelpoolkids . The team and i came up with this idea for her birthday she had so much fun shooting.

Her agency is more then a Business Company is like family to us. 

Let me tell you our experience finding agencies in Germany. For me the right agencies are the one that don't look to get money from you. First you need to do a lot of research about the agency you choose, try to find mothers that are in the business and listen to their opinions. After contacting the agency and being schedule for a photoshoot this should be for free or a low fee of 50.00 euros is acceptable, plus you are getting 150 professional photos for basically  nothing. Weeks after you get your Booking card, this card the agency uses to reach out to brands to introduce you. If you are lucky they get back to you with jobs and most agencies have a fix commission of 20% or Flat rates for jobs. You will be able to discuss all before signing a contract.

 Good Luck Tiny Rulers. 

 Ayla is wearing all  Zara  items.  Hat is from  H&M . 

 Ayla is wearing all Zara items.

Hat is from H&M