Making Memories with Ayla

One of the my ground rules as a Mother is to build memories with Ayla. Luckily this week we have a bank holiday happened to be on my Birthday so we took the time to visit our relatives in Hamburg.

While we were there we scout the city and enjoy long walks with our cousins.


We have a few Mother daughter rituals.

Here are some suggestions to create memories with your Tiny Rulers :


Scouting new adventures in your city or other cities like we just did.


Baking together on specific day of the week, weekends are easier for us we do have more time.


Saturday's we go to our local Market and shop together just us two. We buy our favourite Flowers ( purple Peonies ) vegetables and fruits.


Games are also a way to bond , Memory is our favourite at the moment she loves and exercise her memory capacity.


Praying before bedtime everyday, before meals thanking GOD for our blessings.

Secret Handshake!

Make one up for your own family, making your own traditional secret code and have fun with it. Later on somehow words might not be necessary you just connect with your secret codes, don't forget is all about being creative and playful.

Dress up!

We have lots of fun with this one, she has a princess dress and we play pretend. She loves to play as a princess that lives in a beautiful castle and loves to dance of the sound of Mozart or Beethoven. We have our tea time and chat about our week.


   Ayla is wearing  OHMYBABY   please click  here  to find it.   


Ayla is wearing OHMYBABY  please click here to find it.