7 Reasons to Love Lisbon












This time we want you to know the reasons we love Lisbon and also why we recommend you to visit. After our amazing holiday staying in Portugal i decided to show you the Lisbon i know. 

I collected only 7 great reasons among millions of them, that will make you book a flight after reading this. I am sure if not this summer you will be planning the next one.

Lisbon is reckoned to be the Europe´s second oldest city (after Athens). That alone shows you how much history and culture this town has to explore. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal the language  is Portuguese, with great weather great food and unique culture.

Meet the Lisbon i know

Hope to hear your 7 reasons soon.


It´s Cheap


Lisbon offers often a great entertainment at a bargain. To visit the city most of the attractions are free or inexpensive to enter. For a portuguese traditional experience you can find a Family-run inns, known as Pensões are affordable and worth to try. 

It´s Gorgeous


The Cristo Rei statue in Lisbon is one of the most iconic monuments in Portugal(same monument in Rio de Janeiro). Christ the redeemer a Catholic monument is looking after the portuguese citizens.

 For the full panoramic views the best choice is terrace bars and downtown  street views with the popular portuguese tile walls that will make your instagram feed pop ;) as well as the colourful buildings. The Golden Gate bridge and the river Tagus are the main views from the city, no matter where you are they are there to be seen.

This views are unreal 

Perfect Beaches


The beach is 15 minutes from downtown.

From Lisboa to Cascais the coast is surrounded by beaches with soft white sand and blue waters. Praia do Estoril is our favourite this beach is more family orientated and has calm waters. If you are looking for something more chilled you can head south toTroia Peninsula.

2017-08-11 12.39.17 1.jpg

Pena Palace


The Pena Palace is a Romanticist castle situated in Sintra. Attract tourists and inspire artists with his beautiful arquitecture,it looks like is made of a different pile of castles because of his bright colourful walls.

This place is Magical.

2017-08-27 06.24.45 2.jpg

It´s perfect for foodies


Mercado da Ribeira a traditional Market with a food court, here you find the best flavours that the city has to offer. You can eat really, really good for a nice price and most meals include a fine glass of wine.

2017-08-27 06.24.42 1.jpg

The Weather is amazing


 Lisbon is situated on the coastline where is great weather year round and surrounded by beautiful beaches.

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Tram & Tuk tuk make everyone smile.


Tourists love to hop on a tram to discover the city, is the coolest and cheapest sightseeing transportation. We decide to use both of them as the weather called for a fresh and open transportation tuk tuk is the modern sightseeing transport.