Halloween vibes

Today we are sharing our amazing experience at Willows activity farm.  I planned ahead for this trip to London, what to do with Ayla for a week. Everyday of the week we are attending to an event or spending quality time as Family.

Growing up The Peter Rabbit Tales were one of my favourite Tales, i loved the fact that we was adventures and a curious character, just like myself at the time.

When Ayla was born, i made sure i will read the same tales that my mother once read to me. We do watch now and then a few episodes together, as she loves to ask me questions along. I am safe to say that Peter Rabbit is Ayla's favourite Tale as well.

I guess now you can understand why i choose this place to surprise her, i must say i was so excited planning that my husband asked me if was doing all of this for me or for Ayla? ;) 

We did enjoy it very much as family, i do recommend parents to do it once if you can or anything similar related to what your child likes. She was so happy to see Peter Rabbit and the other loving characters from the Tale.

They were extremely organised as every hour we could attend to a  different activity around the farm, such as shows, visiting the animals and much more fun activities.  Staff members hand you at the Entry hall a Plan with all of the activities and a Map, that way will ease your search on the farm because you can get lost as this place is huge and has a lot to be seen.

pumpkin event.jpg

Here is one of the Outdoor Peter Rabbit shows to entertain the kids.

peter rabbit show.jpg

We are on Halloween Season, Willows activity farm also has for this week, events around this theme. They call it Pumpkin Festival, have a look on the website and book it, if you are around London.

As you scroll down, you will find our special moments, starting with pumpkin patch to carving  crafting with Daddy.

willows pumpkin patch.jpg

Voilá! Here is the Master piece that we created with Daddy.

pumpkin craft.jpg
girl with pumpkin.jpg