11 Ways to Raise a Happier child

Raising a Toddler can be challenging, but I am here to share with you a few tips to raise a happier child.

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1.Listen when they talk.

2. Eat meals together as Family. If you can't make it for dinner do breakfast.

3. Plan programs that they love to do. 


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4. Avoid TV time or any mobile device

5. Learn their strengths and compliment them.


6. Let them express their feelings and validate them

7. Read a book before bed.

8. Establish a routine in your Household, children need routine.

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9. Share your happy moments with your child, celebrate your wins together

10. Tell them you Love them, often!

11. Make sure you give your child some alone time with you everyday, doing nothing special follow their rules for a bit.


I hope to hear your opinion about it. Thank you for stopping by.

xoxo Raquel & Ayla.


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Raquel is wearing H&M t-shirt.