Coachella vibe

The Festival Season is about to start!


Every Country has his own time and name for Festivals. On my early 20's i used to attend to a few in London and Lisbon at the Summer vacations.

Still a big fan of Summer festivals, as i don't attend as I used to before I like to remember those days as having genuine fun and being adventurous.

Every picture I see on Instagram from the Coachella Festival this year give me that vibe, therefore I thought to put together  a  Coachella look. They are still kids friendly appropriate to Rock in any age.;)

DKNY is Ayla's favourite brand at the moment, so here are the Festival looks.

Sunglasses from Zoo bug. They are a proper fit frame and they are design to protect their eyes, what more can you ask? Last but not least they have cool designs.