Why swimming in the Sea is good for you


If you live near the sea, you are a lucky person. We planned this Summer trip to Lisbon a city known for the great weather and beautiful beaches. The good side of this trip is that we have more out of it than just enjoyment. It has long been thought sea frolicking has many health benefits, as doctors mostly recommend to go to the seaside to improve various ills.



To this day healing and Spa resorts by the seaside are seen as places where people can not only let go of their troubles but, in some cases even cure a few health problems.

Having this season to relax and swim in the sea decrease my anxiety and depression symptoms. 

We had a great day at the beach, Ayla is building her confidence in the sea and specially diving, as she is fearing since one year old.

Overall, you would be wise to make ocean swimming a health habit.