How to Rock your Curls

After Several emails and a few DM's on Instagram I will be sharing with you today how can you create happy memories with your Curly Rulers.


curly girl.jpg

1- Throw out your Brushes

It's sounds crazy i know, you thinking ''She lost her mind !'' 

When you have curly hair you don't want to loose your pattern right?

Therefore a technique  that helps you facilitate your work is key, i detangle Ayla's hair with my fingers. The method is called finger combing.

Trust me i know it takes longer but you end up with better results than  if you would use a brush or a comb.



2- Learn about Curly Hair

You don't have to be turn yourself to a hair guru but having a basic knowledge is important, to know what type of curly hair you or your child has is crucial. This allows you to know what products to buy accordantly to your hair type and texture.



3- Use positive Language

If you are a curly hair you can relate to this, do you remember those days when your mum styled your hair? Mine consisted in sitting on the floor with a pillow undernead and with several combs, if it was braids day oh god i will be running out from that comb (lol). My mothers  words at times was ''OMG your hair is a hell of a work'' ! As a child i did not enjoy styling my hair, i have memories of pain and disconfort nothing that my adult life didn't fix but could of be avoided.

Use the right verbal and body language around your child when it comes to their hair, its very important for them to grow confident loving what God gave them. I believe if we teach them to care for their hair, they will embrace and be proud of themselves.

A few examples which words I use with Ayla.

  •  Today is Hair Care Day!  :)
  • Your hair needs some Love and Care today! :)
  • Just be creative and have fun in the process.


mum daughter curls.jpg

4- Styling is Key

We love protective styles don't we? Saving time and morning tears is what i am up for. At the same time, don't be afraid to be creative explore new hairstyles. Get inspiration, braids, buns, piggy tails, twists is some many options to choose from. Have fun  with your child looking for hairstyles that she likes and try out, they love to look their best.


This set I use for my and Ayla's hair along with the leaving conditioner to style her hair  and I am very happy with the results.