The Perks of Shopping Online.

The Perks of Shopping Online

Recently we flew to London for only 48 Hours, as most of you might know that we were invited  to attend to the Mini Mode Fashion week Show. Our Journey started at the airport therefore i decided to document this moment and share it with all of you.

Ayla was wearing her favourite Josefinas sneakers on that day and just like ever other day, they are her first option!


In addition to that i decided to share my experience with Josefinas Portugal, an online Shop that we came across while visiting Portugal last Christmas.



josefinas shoes.jpg
  1. Variety  - The variety online is beyond your imagination and just right in front of you, a click with your finger and Voilá! you are entering to Narnia´s Closet. Apart from the endless variety, you have the option to personalise your shoes as well.
  2. Avoiding crowds - If you anything like me , you hate crowds while shopping specially if your plus one is your child,it can be a hell of There is no need to explain it, i think most of you can relate with this.( you might even have a story or two in the back of your head right now..). Plus, parking can be a challenge, after 15 minutes you are still looking for a spot Ahrrr!! ... nobody have time for that!  When you shop online this can be avoid.
  3. Unboxing Experience - When was the last time you had a WOW moment unboxing a package that was delivered to your step door? That type of experience that exceed your expectations from the moment you open the box, you know you are in for a fabulous one  you can't wait to crack open. Josefinas sneakers were beautifully protected on a costume fabric shoe purse, in there was a hand written card wishing Ayla a Fashionable Journey.
  4. Uniqueness  - This Style of sneakers are available for moms that are looking forward to match with their little girls. If you are like us, i don't miss an opportunity to mix and match shoes with my daughter.I always go for a simple Cute Look , Josefinas Portugal sneakers are for The Tiny Rulers out there, with an exclusive taste.

A Brand that makes you feel part of, special and exclusive is rare . The type of experience you all want to share, with your friends and Family.

Meanwhile here is Ayla rocking JP sneakers with a Billie Blush Suit (available in stores in June)

mini fashionista.jpg

This girl can´t give them a break, she takes them everywhere, you can say that she established a Lovership for them...LOL


 Share with us in the comments box, what are your Online favourite shops.


Thank you for stopping by,

Raquel & Ayla