Mother´s Day Look

1:1 Time


We are constantly in a rush where everything is go-go-go, which doesn’t leave us much time to connect with those who are very important to us, our kids.

A healthy Mother/ Daughter connection is essential, where a positive interaction is key for a balance relationship.

It´s very easy as a mother to lose your temper over minor things due to our busyness, when I lose my temper over her colouring the sofa with pink nail polish, I tent to use use 3 positive interactions to balance that out.

I inhale love,

Exhale frustrations away to form inner peace,

Engage with my daughter,

Today I decided to take my little one on a Mother Daughter´s play date.

Usually our interactions are not as fancy as this one, but today we decided to make an effort to celebrate the upcoming Mother´s day. We always like to look our best and NEXT never disappoint us, when it comes to look for special occasions outfits. Next clothing provided the right balance of quality and comfort for our activity, their designs are gorgeous and affordable. They have Trendy and Stylist options for those that look to celebrate in style just like we do.

It is Mother´s Day in a week´s time, and I am calling out all stylish Moms to plan your perfect day!

Wish you all a great day with your love ones, and don’t forget to give a hug or call, show love to the special woman in your life, the one that is dear to your heart and you call MOM.

Ayla is wearing a beautiful white dress from NEXT , you can find the details below

Dress here

Shoes here.

Raquel is wearing a gorgeous embroidered dress from NEXT, find it here along with the sandals here.


I Hope you have enjoyed our suggestions and please share with us, your thoughts and plans for the upcoming Mother´s Day.


Raquel and Ayla

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