How to Travel Light

Today I will be sharing with you my tips to travel light  as most of you asked me often, is time for you to pack light and stress free.


Packing for a trip should be caring the most essential items with you, not filling up a suitcase with your whole wardrobe. Being selective with your clothes you can travel light on your trip.

Limit the number of bags

Trying to pack all in one suitcase can be challenging , if you are ravelling for a longer trip 2 bags would be the limit. Most of the time we fly with hand luggage it´s easier to get on and off the plane and we don't pay to check a bag.

We often travel with one suitcase for both of us, people always ask me how do i do that?

Follow the steps carefully, after this reading you will be able to it as well.

Pack for your trip in advance

Packing last minute is stressful and you are most likely you will pack what you don't need and forget a few essential things. Give yourself at least two to tree days time before your flight, that way you have plenty of time to plan what to pack.

Limit the Toiletries

Take only a tooth brush and tooth paste with you. Shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen and other toiletries purchase at some store when you get to your destination.

Rolling method

Rolling your clothes will save more space in your luggage. My number of items to pack is 3, I pack three items of bottoms and tops for both of us. Each of us has 6 pieces to mix and match, planning clothes that go well together makes it easier.

Pack practical shoes you can wear on different occasions

My shoe game is also 3 pairs. We choose to wear comfy sneakers to travel with, saving already some space for the other two. Aim for a casual pair and a formal for a more formal setting if desired.

Please check the weather before you leave

This step should be your number one, you will be packing according to the weather you will find on your destination. In case the weather changes to hot or cold and you are short of items you can always buy a thing or two there.


Bring a small container of laundry detergent

This step is optional if you want your favourite fragrance or brand but if you not so fussy about it purchase at your destination.

In case the place you are staying doesn't have a washing machine use the sink to wash your clothes. Small pieces are often dry the next day, following this steps you will see how easy is to pack light.

Comment below if you find this post helpful and share with us your experiences, I love to read your feedback.

Thank you for stopping by.

xoxo Raquel & Ayla





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